How To Get A Toll-Free Number In Bangladesh

Get A Toll-Free Number In Bangladesh

Block caller Identification: Call this number and copy the number you wish. Return call. This will allow for you to redial your last call. Toll-free numbers or freephone numbers are telephone numbers that are not charged for calls. Toll-free numbers, free calls, and phone numbers are identified using a prefix similar to an area code. Access numbers for each country can be found here Ajoxi and Call Nation. Since telephone networks moved from electro-mechanical switch switching to computer-controlled, stored-programmed networks, the features and functions of toll-free services have changed. The first calls billed to a caller had to go through a telephone operator. This was often long-distance and a collection call. Bangladesh’s Country Code is +880 Bangladesh’s dialplan type is “0” and the Trunk Prefix is “0”.

Dial a Bangladesh phone number

“0” – Area/operator Code (X) Subscriber Number (N) When dialing a Bangladeshi number from Bangladesh, the format is: “+880” – Area/operator code X – subscriber number N Subscriber numbers are unique numbers that each individual telephone/mobile has. They can also be located in different areas/operator numbers. The format is a number format, where “X” denotes an Area/OperatorCode and “N” denotes the subscriber’s personal telephone/mobile numbers.

Special Numbers

333 – Central Helpline of Bangladesh 999 – Emergency number 106 – Anti – Corruption Commission 1090- Get Weather Updates Toll-Free 121 – Customer Care (Grameen phone Tele talk Robi, Bangla link, Tele talk, Robi) 158 – All mobile operators – customer complaints 5012 – News 14 – Time (BTCL). 16263: Contact for COVID-19 or a Free Doctor Consultation 109 – Violence Against Women, and Children Prevention Helpline[419 area code and 478 area code] 999 – National Emergency Service The standard format for a fixed-line number is “+880. A typical format for a BTCL number in Dhaka. A common format for a BTCL elsewhere You can also get try this website get pakistan number for whatsapp and click it.

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